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“To live healthy for everyone”

Chemical accidents of humidifier sterilizers, harmful substances of toothpastes, etc. which are seamlessly occurring. Though we use over 30 chemicals in a day for our convenience and health, the risks always exist. PLARIT studies the lifestyle to be able to improve the quality of life in a healthy manner. Liquid plasma, a new substance which passed the safety tests on the respiratory toxicity and residual toxicity, has the excellent effects for sterilization, relieving inflammation, tissue regeneration, etc. and it can be widely used in functional cosmetics, consumer chemicals, quasi-drugs, etc.

Personal care

Health care

Living care

Proven safety

  • It is a non-toxic and non-irritable substance to be used not only for children but also pets.
  • Pass 12 safety tests. * Test institution: Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR)

Pulmonary toxicity test * Test institution: DGLP Center if Daegu Catholic University