Dr. Sanicle

“Dr. Sanicle, if you consider safety first”

Cosmetics market should consider many things such as skin irritation, allergy, inflammation, toxicity, etc. Liquid plasma passed 12 safety tests and provides skin cleanness and care solution. Dr. Sanicle, the safest dermocosmetic brand, can be used for children and all the family members.


01 Ultralow irritation

It is good to use not only for sensitive skin but also for children and pregnant women by eliminating irritable and harmful ingredients and filling with liquid plasma.

02 Plasma Barrier ProtectionTM

Liquid plasma makes the skin barrier strong to protect the skin from external stimuli.

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2. Method for treating of preventing psoriasis with liquid type plasma (10-2019-0083818)

03 Plasma Recovery ComplexTM

It relaxes sensitive red blemish skin by low irritable recovery care rapidly.

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1. Composition for skin-soothing comprising liquid type plasma (10-2018-0111159)



Dr. Sanicle Hand Cleaner

Keep out harmful germs!

Liquid plasma helps skin soothing as well as cleanness of hands and skin.

[Items] Baby Hand Cleaner (unscented), Clean Cotton Hand Cleaner (soap scent)

[Volume] 50mL, 380mL

[Main ingredients] Liquid plasma, glycerin, extract of Magnolia bark, green tea extract, panthenol

[How to use] Spray an appropriate amount and rub it on skin.

Dr. Sanicle Baby Hip Cleanser

Baby’s hip care dry and softly

Weak acidic bubble containing plasma helps cleanness of hip as well as skin soothing.

[Volume] 280mL

[Main ingredients] Liquid plasma, allantoin, panthenol, Coco Glucoside, green tea extract

[How to use] After massaging hip and surrounding area lightly with proper amount, wash it clearly with warm water.

Dr. Sanicle Baby Soothing Gel

Do not leave baby’s red-hot skin

Transparent gel containing plasma helps sooth the red skin and give fresh sense of moisture.

[Weight] 170g

[Main ingredients] Liquid plasma, allantoin, panthenol, juice of aloe vera leaves, trehalose

[How to use] Take proper amount and apply it into the skin evenly.