Plasma medical device

It is a special medical device to disseminate free radicals generated from low temperature plasma continuously. It enables to treat the disease without adverse effects due to its excellent efficacy for inhibition of inflammation, sterilization, tissue regeneration, etc. without damaging normal cells.

Device to treat atopic dermatitis

A device to treat atopic dermatitis that can treat intractable diseases without adverse effects


01 Safety

No adverse effects such as infection, skin atrophy, vasodilation, etc.

02 Excellent performance

Inhibit activation and movement of immune cells, inflammatory responses, expressions of inflammatory factors, and excellent local treatment effect

03 Various effects

Proven effects such as antiinflammation, immune suppression, sterilization, skin regeneration, etc.

04 Convenient use

10.2-inch LED touch screen, simple interface,

small and light handpiece

Clinical trial

* Institution: Department of dermatology, Ajou University Hospital