Why Medical Plasma?

Plasma is a new substance that shows the excellent effects for sterilization, antiinflammation, anticancer, wound healing, tissue regeneration, and so on. It is expected to replace a variety of treatments that have adverse effect to human because it is not harmful.

About Plarit

Point 01

We have developed ‘innovative products’ by researchers who have studied on medical plasma over 10 years.

Point 02

We launch ‘proven products’ that are developed from the basic research and passed clinical tests for the prototype in the research center of Ajou Medical Center.

Point 03

We lead the medical plasma technology through the collaborative research with the only governmental institution for plasma technology.


Contracted research services

A company offering creative solutions for the treatment of intractable diseases with medical plasma

  • Excellent effects for sterilization, antiinflammation, wound healing, tissue regeneration, and anticancer
  • Harmless to human because it is nontoxic and non-irritable (complete 12 tests for safety)
  • Offer the solution for the healthy daily life with safe and effective plasma technology
  • Under commercialization for functional cosmetics, consumer chemical products, quasi-drugs, etc.
  • Works with Ph.D researchers in each area who providing reliable data-based contracted research services
  • Service items: Protein assay, RNA assay, Cell viability and proliferation, Tissue level assay, Toxicity assay with Zebra fish

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